Art Barn in Connecticut Keeps You Cool All Through the Year

February 14, 2013 / No Comments

Ever heard of houses fully covered by green leaves so as to keep you cool all the year round? If you haven’t as yet, here’s one such house you would want to call yourself home. A house in Greenwich in Connecticut is fully green and has been designed for a pair of artists by Robert Young Architecture . The 10,000-square-feet ‘Art Barn’ has a green covering, which has been created with living plants spread over concrete blocks.

Greenwich Art Barn Art Barn in Connecticut Keeps You Cool All Through the Year

This house can also be used as an art gallery and has studio space and residential area inside. The multi-purpose home stands tall covered by a living green screen of wisteria that provides shade in the summer and thermal insulation during winter.

The windows are placed to showcase the surrounding woodlands. The entire concrete block is covered with a green screen made up of metal mesh. Wisteria vines are planted in such a way that they overlap the windows and bring in a cooling effect. The house is located on a wooded site near to a pond.

The house boasts multifunctional galleries with 16-foot ceilings and rooms that are used for storage, art studios, administrative offices, bedrooms. It also houses a commercial-grade kitchen.

A museum-sized elevator can be seen along the rooms which help in the transport of large art pieces to different floors. This three-storey house is extremely sustainable and energy efficient.