The Butterfly Effect and You

February 14, 2013 / No Comments

We fail to realize that every step we take is a contribution to the environment. It is easy to criticize the smog on the streets, but have we ever thought that we could be the ones responsible for it too? Apparently, everything is leaving behind a footprint on the environment; the Carbon Footprint.

This term generally refers to the exact harm caused to the environment by our everyday decisions. The amount of greenhouse gases produced by a specific activity carried out by us is our carbon footprint. These gases include methane, nitrous oxide, perfluorocarbons, hydrofluoro-carbons, and even carbon dioxide.

the butterfly effect The Butterfly Effect and You

So how does the butterfly effect relate us and the carbon footprint? It is very simple: a very small and uncalculated decision made by us can cause a drastic impact on the environment. The influence on the environment can be strong enough to change a lot of things, and we rarely realize what we have done.

Exactly calculating your own carbon footprint can be very difficult. However, making an effort to lower the amount of greenhouse gases that owe us their existence is an option. All the decisions made by us as a consumer strongly effects the environment. This may include the slightest activity like grocery shopping, and major ones like recycling preferences.

There is so much that can reduce the butterfly effect caused on our part and help lower the carbon emissions on our end. It can be done easily whilst we go on according to the usual humdrum of our daily lives. We can cook, shop, eat, travel, and work in a way that lowers the carbon contribution to a minimum. Why not make an effort to integrate the most nature friendly activities in our schedule? That’s a point to ponder.

The carbon footprint is not only applicable on a macro level; the micro level is equally important, and every citizen is as accountable as the state government. Business, financial, and personal decisions must be shaped in a way that they reduce the carbon emissions. Choosing mode of transportation, fuel, and making nature friendly energy decisions is crucial.

Apart from individuals and households, the business sector is also struggling to keep up with the race to a carbon free environment. One common problem faced by enterprises is the usage of biofuel for transportation purposes.

One solution is available for everyone is green energy. For the purpose, there’s an option to keep a separate best interest rate savings accounts for financing these installations.

The increasing global carbon footprint is steering us away from environmental security, and into an era of global warming. Most people complain that they do not see any ‘tangible’ effects of global warming, and they do not follow the hype created by scientists. What these people fail to notice is the drastic change in global climate (especially in the past decade), and the melting of the polar ice caps, to name a few consequences.

Scientists have predicted the disappearance of the glaciers by year 2050; this will only be the starting line for a series of weather catastrophes. This is the right time to take action, before it is too late.