Amazing Floating Vegetable Garden on a Ship Crane

February 15, 2013 / No Comments

Antwerp, the diamond city, is now in news with how unused pieces of machinery can be converted into a hanging garden to grow vegetables.

Ship Crane Amazing Floating Vegetable Garden on a Ship Crane

Welvaert, the floating green garden on an old unused ship crane grows greeny vegetables thanks to the the collective effort of Time Circus.

They have built the vegetable garden on an abandoned ship lent to them by Antwerp’s MAS Museum. It contains a treehouse made of recycled materials, a kitchen and altogether offers cool green space .

This is an experimental project for developing organic farming practices and to nurture these practices among locals and visitors to this place. Tree Hotel by Time Circus features some crazy recycled tree houses and rooms that serve as stimulation for the tourists.

The glazed green house is the main feature of the garden. Various vegetables and fruits are grown here. The green house kitchen uses only the garden produce for making delicious and pest free food items. Chicken are also reared in the wooden space. A waterproof tarpaulin is used to cover the roof of the garden and it looks like a bird’s nest.

Time Circus’ designer Sebastian Boumans and others are now planning to build a second floating project close to the garden. It would consist of a traveling floating bar, room for artists and kitchen all together in one boat.

The significant aspect about the new construction is that would be made out of wood left over in railway tracks. They are also planning to take the floating project to Lisbon and the Czech Republic. This venture is a great leap forward in mounting sustainable growth through organic farming practices.