ZBoard Skateboards are Powered by the Foot

February 19, 2013 / No Comments

Skateboards are now days used as a means for short distant travel. If one finds balance on a skateboard, it becomes extremely easy to glide on it. So what’s new about the new arrival on that terrain. Christened ZBoard, this one is a weight-sensing electric skateboard that can be rode simply by leaning forward on the front footpad. The board was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it also won the “DEMO God Award”.

3 view boards with components ZBoard Skateboards are Powered by the Foot

Two models of ZBoard – Classic and the Step-Up Pro – are now available and they come sporting weight sensing technology tied into the front and rear footpads so as to help in balancing. This makes the skateboards cool and faster.

As you step on the pad, the weight of your body exerts a force on the board computer and the speed of the skateboard adjusts itself according to the working of the electric motor. The motor works on the basis of the pressure exerted on the pad. You can achieve maximum speeds of 15 to 17 MPH, depending on the model.

The Pro with its lithium ion phosphate battery can travel more distances than the Classic. Each battery is rated to 250 and 500+ cycles respectively and replacements will be available.

ZBoard uses carbon footprint equivalent of up to 1500 miles/gallon. The Classic costs $649 and the Pro $949.  These skateboards also provide an eco-friendly way to travel short distances.