Rinspeed microMax Drives Transportation Options to Next Level

February 21, 2013 / No Comments

The microMax could well be the answer for our next generation commuting issues. Swiss based vehicle manufacturer Rinspeed is getting the concept working for its public unveil at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show 2013. The microMax concept merges a car in to a miniature bus form factor with the soul intention of providing both public and private conveyance, more specifically, something that compared to a tram system.

rinspeedmicromax Rinspeed microMax Drives Transportation Options to Next Level

The concept is 3.7m in length and 2.2 m in height and houses a driver’s seat and three passenger seats. Despite its size, it has a lot of space inside, which can accommodate more luggage than a conventional model and perfectly fits the family needs, taxi, or even car sharing purposes.

The interiors are tech heavy with ultra modern aesthetics. The large seats are placed in an upright position, and even with large seats there is still room, and they have used it for installing a coffee maker and a fridge. The whole cabin is set with unlimited connectivity for using our mobile devices.

The microMax’s real fun lies in its networking aspect. The driver seat has a 19-inch HD touchscreen display running on the ‘Urban Swarm’ connectivity technology. This cloud- based tech is connected with the pool microMax vehicles and it will feed the driver with real-time navigation, and will find best possible route, by calculating the pick ups and the current passenger destinations.

There will an app for the mobile devices which can be used by the passengers to hire a ride.  Rinspeed’s Micromax is powered by a lithium-polymer battery and a 32kW/130Nm electric motor, with a range of 100km. The concept boats an acceleration of 0-50km/h in .08 seconds with maximum acceleration of 95km/h.

If Rinspeed can win public applause, they would be releasing the production version in a three years time.