Bicycles Made From Dumped Old Cars are Awesome

February 25, 2013 / No Comments

Bicycled, a new company from Lola Madrid is doing something different. The company is building bikes from junked cars.

cycle Bicycles Made From Dumped Old Cars are Awesome

Every product from Bicycled is based on consumer insight. Though the company does not have a special product development department, its products are created by talented creative personnel.

Every Bicycled bike is made from real car parts and therefore two similar bikes are a strict no. The company’s main aim is to use as much car waste as it can, and thus save the planet.

Each bike is completely hand-built from parts of old cars on junkyards. While frames are made of old space frames, saddles are upholstered using leather seats. Chains are made from fan belts and quick releases made from old knobs.

The end product is always a beautiful bike which holds emotion and history. The pricing details of the Bicycled products have not been confirmed yet, but then, we guess they are going to be expensive.