New Book Brings to You the World’s 50 Best Tree Houses

February 27, 2013 / No Comments

German art book publisher Taschen’s new book titled Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air by the internationally renowned architecture writer Philip Jodidio features the world’s best 50 tree houses. The book’s cover has been designed by artist Patrick Hruby from Los Angeles, and it takes you on a tour to the 50 world’s best, spectacular and innovative tree houses.

 New Book Brings to You the World’s 50 Best Tree Houses

It includes the best retreats to luxury remote hotels. The  stunning images of 50 of the world’s most astonishing tree house designs have been portrayed beautifully in the 352-page book and the  whimsical charm of these tree houses has been brought out in each page of the book.

The tree houses, which ultimately show the symbiosis of life with nature, inspires everyone who loves to read. The range of designs is huge – from a woodcutter’s cottage to the spacecraft. These tree houses are part of ancient civilizations and history of every part of the world where trees grow.

The book offers an illustrated study of the best tree houses in the world, which are created by architects or unknown craftsmen and are incredibly sophisticated and spectacular structures that cover all different styles.

In these times of concern for sustainability and ecological responsibility, these tree houses are always in the imagination of everyone who loves nature and humanity .The book  costs $69.99.