iPad controls driverless version of Nissan Leaf

March 5, 2013 / No Comments

An Oxford University team recently tested a driverless version of Nissan Leaf at Begbroke Science Park, near Oxford. This driverless electric car uses robotic technology developed by the Oxford University that is controlled by an Apple iPad installed on the dashboard.

oxford university robot electric car iPad controls driverless version of Nissan Leaf

This new version helps the driver by offering auto drive for some distances. When the strain is reduced and the driver feels rejuvenated he can take back control of the vehicle by simply touching the iPad’s screen and a knock on the brake pedal.

This model is equipped with a low-cost navigation system with built-in cameras and lasers linked to the computer which can scan its surroundings, enabling the system to understand traffic flows.

This driverless version has the potential to increase its speed as it is programmed to automatically drive at the most efficient speeds.

This technology also enables the car to understand complex traffic flows and make decisions on its own about which routes to take.

In the next stage of the research a low-cost navigation system which does not depend on GPS will be developed. It is expected to cost around 5,000 pounds.

In the long run, costs are expected to reduce around 100 pounds making the robotic system affordable. In future, safe and pleasant car journeys may just be a click away.