Volkswagen to Unveil Next Generation Transporter at Geneva

March 6, 2013 / No Comments

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles will unveil their all-electric e-Co-Motion Concept at Geneva International Motor Show next week. Though compact, the transporter concept vehicle, the e-Co-Motion, has large cargo and payload capacity. It offers a maximum cargo capacity of 4.6 m3 and an impressive 800 kg of payloads.

vw e co motion concept Volkswagen to Unveil Next Generation Transporter at Geneva

It has electric drive system. The e-Co-Motion concept was designed as a delivery van 179 inches long, 75 inches wide and 77 inches tall. The concept vehicle has been divided into a lower driving-relevant zone which includes an under floor drive unit, battery and gearbox, and an upper structure specially meant for delivery.

It has low cargo floor height and large cargo capacity which make loading easier. The e-Co-Motion could be offered in other body styles too.

The fully electric drive system helps meet the growing urban transport needs and these small electric vans are good for short delivery trips and help cut down emissions .

This small van fully utilizes the limited space available for urban use and operates in a fully electric mode. The zero emissions vehicle with the e-Co-Motion concept could be very useful in the fight against global warming.

This cargo van will meet the demands of a big city perfectly well.