Kenyan Teen Invents LED System to Protect Livestock

March 12, 2013 / No Comments

Thirteen-year-old Richard Turere and his family live near the Nairobi National Park, Kenya and raise livestock. The boy has been helping his family protect their cattle herd from lion attacks since age nine. But he had always been frustrated because lions managed to steal their livestock. But last year after participating in a global talent search last year he found an excellent idea to deter the attacks.


Richard Turere Kenyan Teen Invents LED System to Protect Livestock

The young boy noticed that lions were afraid of moving lights, so he created an automated lighting system that would frighten the lions. He put together some LED flashlights from an old car battery and some switches that flashed the lights in random patterns. His idea worked and it appeared like somebody walking around the cattle shed with a flashlight.

After seeing the success of his invention other farmers also installed similar systems in their cowsheds. Now this technology has been rolled out all over the country to protect livestock from lions.

Richard’s Lion Lights, as they are called, even includes a solar panel to recharge the battery during the day.

The boy has received a scholarship to the best college in Kenya for his efforts.