Toyota Promises Solid-State Batteries by 2020

March 14, 2013 / No Comments

Japanese automaker Toyota is planning to commercialize solid-state batteries around 2020. These solid state batteries are said to be three or four times more powerful than today’s lithium ion batteries.

toyota rav4 ev Toyota Promises Solid State Batteries by 2020

According to Shigeki Suzuki, managing officer for material engineering, the automaker also has plans to introduce lithium air batteries which promise a five-fold increase in output for the same weight in future.

While compared with Li-ion batteries, both solid state and lithium air batteries have many advantages. They are smaller and use less expensive materials and have much higher energy density than current batteries.

Solid state batteries are more compact and stable, and allow higher voltage. They use a solid material instead of the liquid electrolyte in Li-ion batteries. Lithium air batteries require less material and allows lighter packaging.

Although, Toyota may be moving away from Li-ion batteries, but you can still see these batteries in their vehicles such as the Toyota RAV4 EV and the successful Toyota Prius V. For years, company has depended on nickel metal hydride batteries.

Toyota has not revealed information on its roll-out plan for a solid state battery vehicle, but they have been working on these batteries for years and developed a prototype model in back 2011.