BMW Cruise E-Bike Rolls Out

March 19, 2013 / No Comments

BMW has formally introduced its electric bike, named Cruise. The Cruise has a 250-watt electric motor which is capable of speeds up to 25 km/h with a range of 80km.

bmw e bike cruise announced 0 BMW Cruise E Bike Rolls Out

The motor of the electric bike is used to assist the rider and not power the Cruise. The Cruise has four different modes, Eco Tour, Sport or Speed/Turbo. The rider can choose between these modes and it determines how the electric motor will work.

A lithium ion battery is placed at the bottom and it provides a low centre of gravity. The vehicle has torque sensors, so that to provide more electric motor support, if needed.

BMW has also included an on board computer to show essential information like the battery level and speed.

Unfortunately, BMW is introducing only limited-editions of Cruise bikes for now. Only 1,000 Cruise bikes will be produced and sold in Germany. But we hope BMW will expand its sales to further markets.

The company has not announced any official release date or price for the e-bike but a non electric-version of the Cruise could come for €900 (£770).

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