Renault Offering Free Home Charging Station to Zoe Buyers

March 25, 2013 / No Comments

Renault has officially launched its Zoe electric supermini and it will go on sale in the UK market from June 2013. Renault is offering a free home charging station for and a free delivery for its UK customers.

renaultzoe Renault Offering Free Home Charging Station to Zoe Buyers

Charging of a Zoe vehicle is not a big deal, because the car uses a custom Chameleon charger that is compatible with a range of charging sources ranging from household plugs up to industrial-strength 43kW supplies.

If you are using a powerful source, then the Zoe will take just 30 minutes for 80 per cent charge. But the vehicle will take as long as nine hours for a full charge on a 3kW outlet.

In the UK, Renault is providing a free home charging stations with every Zoe.  This charging station can expect to be able to charge the car’s battery in less than four hours. The UK government is offering three-quarters of the amount and the other 25 percent is given by Renault. The Zoe will also get free access to public charging points across the UK.

The Zoe is priced at £18,995, but the UK government is funding a grant of £5,000 for electric car, so UK buyers can get the vehicle at £13,995.