Volta Racer from Toy Labs Lets your Kids Race as well as Study Some Engineering

March 26, 2013 / No Comments

When it comes to kids, they want toys and they don’t really care if it is battery operated or is running by a nuclear fuel cell. But once they get through the playing part, there is always the possibility of getting through to them with the technology by which these are made.

voltaracer Volta Racer from Toy Labs Lets your Kids Race as well as Study Some Engineering

So in that way, solar powered toys can be used to make them realise the use of conventional source of energy and of many of those cars, the Volta Racer have some specialities. Toy Labs’ new Volta Racer is reportedly the first toy car to feature a flexible polycrystalline silicon solar panel.

Volta Racer uses advanced flexible solar technology to power its drivetrain. Volta Racer’s chassis, frame and wheels are made of super lightweight and durable recyclable materials. The axles are made of bamboo – a strong natural wood resource.

Thomas Edison used bamboo as the light filament in the world’s first incandescent light bulb. The Volta Racer is available in Blue, Black, Gray, Green, Pink and White. Volta Racer ships to users as a DIY kit.

Right out of the box, it requires nothing more than bare hands and about 15 minutes of time to assemble. The frame and chassis allows users to experiment with 2 different solar panel configurations and two speed gear modes.

Parents and Teachers can use the Volta Racer to teach the basic principles of solar, renewable energy and mechanical engineering concepts to kids.

ToyLabs is a Silicon Valley start-up, and specializes in toys and devices that teach kids the fundamental principles of science, electronics, and engineering through fun and play. The Volta Racer combines award winning industrial design with advanced solar technology to achieve new levels of performance.

By assembling the Volta Racer, kids will learn basic concepts and principles of solar electricity and mechanical engineering. The Volta Racer operates at normal and high speeds and can traverse various surfaces and terrains. So this is much more than a toy car and hopefully it will get all the sales it want due to its impressive features.