Solar Impulse to Fly Across America

April 2, 2013 / No Comments

Solar Impulse, the solar powered plane, is getting ready to fly across America. Swiss pioneers Bertrand Piccard and Andrè Borschberg, worked with Bayer Material Science to make the Solar Impulse project real. They are the co-founders and pilots of the plane.

solar impulse Solar Impulse to Fly Across America

The Solar Impulse has completed flights from Switzerland to Spain and to Morocco. But now its creators are planning to fly the plane across America and the actual flights will start on May 1st.

The Solar Impulse is an ultra-lightweight, solar-powered plane, which is capable of flying day and night. It has a wingspan of 63.4 meters and weighs only 1,600kg.

The power for the aircraft is provided by 4 electric motors and lithium-ion batteries. The plane doesn’t need any fuel or support for its take off.

The present model of the Solar Impulse is dubbed HB-SIA and will start its flights in San Francisco and then to Dallas, Atlanta,Phoenix and Washington D.C. The aircraft will finally land in New York City.

Manufacturers are also working on a second version of the plane that is named HB-SIB. This larger version of the Solar Impulse aims to fly around the world in less than 25 days. If it becomes true, then it will be a big milestone in the history and will also promise an eco-friendly future aircraft. The project will be completed in 2015.