Wildlife Smugglers Watch Out! Sniffer Dogs on the Prowl [Video]

April 8, 2013 / No Comments

The US Fish and Welfare Service has introduced a new project to stop the illegal smuggling of rhino horns, elephant ivory, snake skins and the like. The authorities have trained four dogs to sniff out elephant ivory, rhino horns and similar stuff. The dogs are named Viper, Butter, Lancer and Locket.

snifferdog Wildlife Smugglers Watch Out! Sniffer Dogs on the Prowl [Video]

Over the last 13 weeks, the four dogs were trained under the Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Detector Dog Training Center in Newman, Georgia, and were the first graduates of this program.

The trained dogs will be posted at airports, ports and even at FedEx and UPS centers.  The authorities have plans to introduce this program in shipping hubs like Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and Louisville.

Wildlife smuggling is the third most money-spinning illegal trade in the world after drugs and guns. Each year, hundreds of rhinos and elephants are killed for their tusks and horns, causing a decline in their population.

Well, we wish all the success to this pilot program and hope it helps in protecting the endangered species.

The USDA normally trains dogs to sniff out fruits and plants that transmit insects or diseases that could hurt the nation’s agriculture.