Westfield iRacer Electric Sports Car Makes Track Debut [Video]

April 10, 2013 / No Comments

Three years ago the UK-based car manufacturer Westfield announced their all-electric sports car iRacer and recently they released an eight-minute video of iRacer making a silent track debut. Westfield is a pioneer in manufacturing light-weight sports cars, but iRacer belongs to a different genre. It is an electric sports car with a long, narrow body similar to their classic Lotus 7.

westfield Westfield iRacer Electric Sports Car Makes Track Debut [Video]

The vehicle is powered by lithium-ion batteries and two YASA-750 electric motors, which churn out 132 horsepower. The manufacturer claims the car can hit 0-60 mph in just five seconds.

With a single charge, the iRacer can travel up to 55 miles and the top speed of the vehicle is limited to 115 mph.

Westfield has plans to set up a race series for this electric sports car. They are also willing to sell the concept to educational institutions for research.

Similar to many other Westfield products, iRacer is a kit car; you can also fit a regular gasoline engine in the car.

The price of this sports car is fixed at $20,000, excluding the batteries and motors.