Nissan UK Introduces Battery Leasing Plans on LEAF Models

April 16, 2013 / No Comments

The 2013 version of Nissan LEAF has undergone some notable overhauls, thanks to the recommendations posted by LEAF owners in the Nissan community. The Japanese automakers have also introduced affordable leasing plans on the battery pack for their LEAF options to make consumers around the world to think a little more enthusiastic on EV adoption.

Nisssan Nissan UK Introduces Battery Leasing Plans on LEAF Models

The LEAF models are continuing to stay in high grounds among other popular models, and the makers, with the effective feedback from the consumers, is expanding the already award winning status to a stellar one with enchantments on every levels of driving experience.

When comparing with the previous generation, the current generation model has improvements on its driving performance as well as on its interior and exteriors elements. The NEDC range has boosted up from 175kms to 199 kms. They made some engineering tweaks on the LEAF’s aerodynamics, E-powertrain and on its regenerative brake system for starching the range.

A fast 6.6kW charger option is now available which can reduce the plug-in time by half to that of the previous versions. All the LEAF models have increased boot space with the redesigned interior.

People may find the low operating costs a reason to buy EVs but the higher price tag is step back for lot of buyers. Tackling the whole feeling about EV, Nissan UK now has “flex” models that comes with a new pricing structure.

It works like this, if you are decided to buy the cheapest LEAF option Visia, you can buy it for £20990 that include all the incentives or you can have the same option with £15990 and subscribe for a battery leasing option starting from £70 per month.

You can choose from the various leasing options they have allotted based on the length of the contract period and the mileage.

Nissan has also beefed up the warranty for the new generation LEAF models by adding cover on capacity loss with existing five year coverage on defective materials or workmanship.