Shanghai Motor Show to Feature Citroen Wild Rubis Concept SUV

April 16, 2013 / No Comments

French automaker Citroen has announced their new stylish concept car Wild Rubis, a forerunner of the future DS SUV. The vehicle will be on display at Shanghai Motor Show starting next week.

citroen wild rubis concept Shanghai Motor Show to Feature Citroen Wild Rubis Concept SUV

In French, Rubis is the word for Ruby and here it indicates the purple/red paint of the vehicle.

The Wild Rubis shares Citroen DS5’s platform and the wheelbase is 2900mm long. The vehicle will sport a new petrol-electric hybrid drive-train, which uses a transversely mounted petrol engine to power the front wheels. The rear wheels are powered by an electric motor.

The Wild Rubis will be the latest addition to the DS line and it promises everything that the DS line-up offers, including the stylish and unique design, with a brilliant finish.

Citroen has plans to commercially launch the vehicle exclusively in China. But the automaker also suggested that the vehicle might also be available in other key markets where it is expected to compete with BMW, Audi and Volkswagen.

Before the official release of the vehicle, the manufacturer has posted a few images of the vehicle. Have a look and enjoy.