Giant African Snails Invading Florida

April 19, 2013 / No Comments

Did you know Florida is under the threat of Giant African Snail? The seed to the outbreak is believed to have originated from the Dominican Republic or Jamaica. The climatic condition in Florida is a warm bed for the invasive snails.

animal Giant African Snails Invading Florida

The Giant African Snail is an exception from the other types of snails as they feed on plant parts rather than decayed organic matter. Also they are infamous for grinding stucco and cement to supplement calcium to their shells. Florida State has higher contribution to the nation’s agriculture. This massive snail invasion is eating up everything that comes in front of it causing the state reel under real mishap.

Mark Fagan, a spokesperson from the Florida Department of Agriculture, has been quoted as saying that the state’s food production is crucial to the nations and these snails are feeding on everything that grows in the state.

The major problem with this disaster is that the snails are not known to have any predators. They are very fertile with higher reproduction rate.

An African Snail reaches its adult stage in about six months and can lay up to hundred eggs a month. So in the absence of proper control, they could unleash a major menace in the state.

Talking to Reuters, Denise Feiber, a spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Customer Services, said that people who are visiting Jamaica or the Dominican Republic should keep any eye on the food while they come by to the States. Florida is yet to discover a solutionto stop the snail menace.