Indian Village Grows 111 Trees for Every Girl Child Born

April 19, 2013 / No Comments

We humans haven’t been giving back what we take from the nature as we should. Deforestation is like an epidemic, and its spreading.  It is here this tale would come as so soothing.

Women with saplings West Bengal India Indian Village Grows 111 Trees for Every Girl Child Born

People from Piplantri village, in the Indian state of Rajasthan, are proving to be saviors of the earth. They are followers of a traditional custom, and have been planting 111 fruit trees every time a female child is born in the community.

Tough there are rural areas in India where parents prefer boys over girls, this village writes a good example of how a society should see the significance of the female child as an equivalent to nature.

The village began to follow the tradition after they were initiated by former village leader, Shyam Sundar Palbiwal, who lost his daughter Kiran at a young age.

Paliwal believes that every family should also take care of trees as they would take care of their daughters.

According to him, there are some cases where some parents are hesitant about bringing up girl children. To address the issue, the village committee is also now collecting $380 for every new born baby girl. Parents are advised to allocate $180 and the total sum will be deposited as a fixed account in their daughters’ names.

Paliwal says the village committee has made parents sign a statement that they would ensure education for the girl children, and also marry them off only after they reach the legal age.

Significantly enough, the village has almost a quarter million trees safeguarding their environment.