Buick Riviera Concept Showcased at Shanghai Show

April 22, 2013 / No Comments

GM’s efforts to reincarnate the Buick of the 1960s have borne fruit with the arrival of the Buick Riviera concept. The plug-in hybrid coupe owes its gratitude to Shanghai GM and Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center. Buick announced its arrival at the Shanghai Motor Show with Riviera’s reveal. Riviera is visually too futuristic to be made a production model, but we can see a practical trim down of it attributes if it comes to the production plant.

buick riviera concept Buick Riviera Concept Showcased at Shanghai Show

The Chinese design has garnered inspiration from water, and hence the name. GM says that designers borrowed their inspiration from the Chinese saying  “the greatest good is like water”. We could see the Buick vibe in the signature waterfall grille, but the body has hints of the ocean waves through its curvatures and vibrant nature theme.

Although it holds nature in its exteriors, the concept is really tech heavy. GM says the hybrid has dual-mode charging, one through traditional cable charging and the other via wireless charging with a sensory recharge panel.

Riviera is equipped with autopilot system, which uses 10 high resolution cameras and 18 micro high-precision sensors for object detection in its path and can display information as holographic images on the windshield. The vehicle is fully integrated with 4G LTE internet connection.

Other features include a full speed adaptive cruise control, lane change, lane departure, and cross–traffic alerts.