Majority of Hybrid Vehicle Owners Well-heeled, Says Research

April 24, 2013 / No Comments

The automotive market scene holds a very small cluster of hybrid vehicles, compared with fuel drinkers. Some value them between one and two, and that’s the approximate percentage of hybrids among the whole running vehicles around the world.

Hybrid Cars Majority of Hybrid Vehicle Owners Well heeled, Says Research

Figures are not big to include these eco-friendly vehicles in the complete commercial circle. But it’s not a worse-case scenario. The depicted number actually comes attached a growing market share for the hybrids.

Experian Automotive analyzed the hybrid industry for a while and they say the market share for the greener vehicles has soared to 41 percent in the year 2012.

They choose Earth Day to disclose the facts discovered. As per their analysis, the share shot up from 2.2 percent to 3.1 percent during the 2011-2012 period.

Interestingly, they also unveiled another fact on the hybrids which says that the customers of the hybrids possess higher credit scores than customers with conventional models.

Experian Automotive scrutinized the financial loan data of hybrid vehicles and realized that the customers choosing hybrids are financially sound. Based on the data, an average credit score for hybrid vehicle loan was 790, which is a higher position than the average credit score 755 for a new loan of any vehicle type.

Experian Automotive’s director Melinda Zabritski has the impression that hybrid vehicle owners are eco-conscious. They have concerns for the Mother Nature. She says that the research indicates hybrid owners to be “economically minded”.