Heliospectra LED Lighting System Adopted to Grow Plants in Space

May 1, 2013 / No Comments

German Aerospace Center (DRL) has picked up Heliospectra’s new LED lighting system to be a part of the EDEN(Evolution and Design of Environmentally-closed Nutrition sources) research initiative. The advanced lighting technology that is used by Heliospectra will be utilized by the  Institute of Space Systems in Bremen, Germany, for research.

Heliospectra Heliospectra LED Lighting System Adopted to Grow Plants in Space

The German institute will be looking to develop bioregenerative life support systems that can prove useful on Earth as well as outer space. Different methods of lighting options would be delivered by Heliospectra, which can be used to grow vegetables and fruits in totally isolated environments.

This would prove particularly useful in harsh environments like a research station in Antarctica or a greenhouse module on Mars. The L4A Series 10 LED light, which the company had developed and launched recently, helps researchers gain information in plant sciences.

At present, the German institute focuses on one project that involves testing greenhouse module at the Neumayer Station III in Antarctica. At Neumayer Station III, a winter team of researchers stay in complete isolation for nine months continuously in a hostile environment.

Researchers hope to find ways whereby food could be produced for the crew and also hopes to study on the effects of plants on humans in isolation.

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