SPRiZZi All-in-One Beverage Dispenser is Green

May 7, 2013 / No Comments

SPRiZZi might look similar to the astromech droid, R2-D2, in Star Wars. But like the droid buddy, it won’t save you when you are in danger or assist you in fighting spaceships. Luckily, it seems we will not be up for a fight with spaceships and all that related stuff for some more years at least. The present SPRiZZi can become prefect assist, and what he will be doing to make you happy is by serving over 60 ice-cold drinks (carbonated and non-carbonated), all at a single press of the button.

SPRiZZi Header SPRiZZi All in One Beverage Dispenser is Green

Carbonation machines are easily available in the market, but SPRiZZi is termed to be the first full service in-home beverage dispenser that can chill , flavor and carbonate to pour the prefect drink from an extensive range of flavors and more interestingly it is eco-friendly too.

The SPRiZZi Drink Machine is based on a new patent-pending technology with the size of a standard coffee machine that can refrigerate below 40 degrees, carbonate and mix 60 exclusive SPRiZZi flavors to get you the best drinks.

The machine is friendly with nature thanks to recyclable plastic used in the flavor bullets and ordinary water usage for the filter purposes. Flavor bullets are syrup tubes that can pour 16-onuce and has available flavors like classic flavors, sports drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, and many more.

Based on reports, an average American household takes 187 gallons of beverages per year. Adopting SPRiZZi will save $380 for a year.

SPRiZZi is on Kickstarter, if are ready for a pledge, you can place your amount ranging from $7 to $497. $197 is the minimum pledge to receive a SPRiZZi Drink Machine which is estimated for a retail price of $399.