BMW i3 to be Priced Around $40,000

May 8, 2013 / No Comments

The BMW i3 hatchback will start its sale by the end of this year and its price may be around $40,000, which is equivalent to that of a well-equipped sedan 3 series. We hear that the US federal government is likely to give tax credit of $7,500 for this i3. But this has not been confirmed by BMW officials.

BMW i3 BMW i3 to be Priced Around $40,000

The new BMW i3, powered by new innovative eDrive technology, is an uncompromisingly sustainable vehicle designed for urban areas and emission-free mobility.

The car offers easier driving in megacities, and is more enjoyable and efficient. BMW i3 is born electric and naturally intelligent.

Also, BMW has offered a range extended version to charge the car’s battery on the run by using a 0.65 liter two-cylinder motorcycle engine and an auxiliary generator.

Clarity regarding the pricing of this model and eligibility of $7,500 tax credit from US fed government is not there. Surely, longer trip users can be fun now.

According to Automotive News, a high percentage of BMW’s 338 dealers in the United States can sell the i3 and upcoming i8 hybrid sports car. But, dealerships have opted out of this event until June 2013.

The final price of the BMW i3 will most probably be disclosed nearer to the car’s launch later this year.