Kagithane Gardens is all About Green-Roofed Offices

May 9, 2013 / No Comments

Head for the northern part of Istanbul, and that’s where the Kagithane Gardens stand supreme. Described as a future hub of offices and retail business in Kagithane, the M shaped building rises from courtyards and gardens. Moreover, each and every office is provided a narrow floor plate to have an outside view and that assures plenty of natural light to come in.

Kagithane Gardens Kagithane Gardens is all About Green Roofed Offices

A passageway from the street leads pedestrians in and around the complex. Kagithane Gardens is a 100,000 sq m mega project which has shopping centers, restaurants, fitness clubs on the lower levels so as to be more accessible to the public.

Office spaces are more on the upper floor, which connects to terraces and roof top gardens. Louvers on the glass walled exterior compress daytime temperature and sunlight.

Expected to provide a new dimension to business life in Istanbul, along with promoting culture, architecture and lifestyle of that area, the main idea is to make one find a comfortable place for his liking, whether it is a one man office or large corporate spaces with hundreds of employees.

If you are a business man in Turkey, and would want to have gardens wrapping your office space, this is where you need to be.