LED Hourglass Lamp to be Showcased at NYC Design Week this Month

May 9, 2013 / No Comments

Green imagination comes in different shapes and sizes. Brooklyn-based designer Danielle Trofe has been inspired by one such imagination and has come up with a new series of off-the-grid LED lighting fixtures that are illuminated by the power of falling sand.

Hourglass Floor Lamp LED Hourglass Lamp to be Showcased at NYC Design Week this Month

Going by the shape of the hourglass, the new lamps need to be flipped for continuous work. This requires a total commitment from the user to get some knowledge about the finite nature of lighting energy sources.

Trofe’s designs are at a premium compared to all other designs made by others. Her philosophy is that, with creation, one’s responsibility is not only to bring beauty to the world but also to reduce environmental impact while serving a functional need of the society.

The light is emitted in an Hourglass Floor Table Lamp by extracting kinetic energy from falling sand. Hourglass Floor Lamp is four-feet tall, lean, suspended and rotates on a hinge. So it can be easily flipped when the sand runs out. The same process works for the table version except that some modifications were to be made in the design for reposition and optimal light direction.

The preview of this new lighting series will happen at the Wanted Design 2013 during NYC’s Design Week this month.