REPREVE-Based Graduation Gowns Made from Recycled Plastic

May 10, 2013 / No Comments

How do you make your graduation greener? Learn how from Unifi, Inc and Herff Jones!

 REPREVE Based Graduation Gowns Made from Recycled Plastic

The two have teamed up to make graduation greener with Renew Graduation gowns, made with REPREVE recycled fiber.  The gowns made with REPREVE recycled fiber will be reaching 440,000 students by the end of 2013 graduation season.

Significant enough is the fact that more than 12.7 million plastic bottles have been recycled to make these gowns. As many as 29 plastic bottles were used to make a single gown.

The University of Michigan, George Washington University, Marquette University, John Hopkins University, Rutgers University, Winston-Salem State University and hundreds of Colleges have opted for this REPREVE Renew Graduation gowns.

A consumer who uses and throws plastic bottles is not bothered about what happens to the bottle. Only 30% of the bottles are recycled in the US today, according to Roger Berrier, President and COO of Unifi. With an aim to make people aware of the importance of recycling plastic bottles and the products that can be made by recycling these bottles, Berrier came up with this innovative venture.

REPREVE is an essential ingredient for the recycling process. It helps to make day-to-day products sustainable, like The North Face Denali Jacket, Haggar’s Life Khaki Pants, The Ford Fusion Seat Fabric and Volcom T-shirts. Going ahead, it is for sure that REPREVE brand will become an essential part of common man’s everyday life.

Herff Jones has in the meantime vowed not to make any compromise on sustainability. REPREVE is in fact a perfect solution for their type of gowns. With the August graduation period close by, Herff Jones is now offering two different REPREVE-based options.

One is the standard Renew ClassKeeper gown for students, while the other is the new EartGrad premium gown, which comes as part of a rental program. The two options are in line with the core values that provide educational institutions with non hazardous eco-friendly products.

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