Vivienne Westwood Paints Virgin Atlantic Staff Uniforms Green

May 13, 2013 / No Comments

The next time you fly Virgin Atlantic, keep on eye on the cabin crew costumes. There definitely is going to be a marked improvement in what they wrap around them! For, legendary British designer Vivienne Westwood has been roped in bring in a new twist to the Virgin Atlantic’s signature red uniforms.

virgin staff uniforms Vivienne Westwood Paints Virgin Atlantic Staff Uniforms Green

With Virgin Atlantic president Richard Branson aiming at ushering in a ‘green’ profile to the uniforms, he thought of Westwood to be entrusted with the task.

A trial run has been planned from July 2013 with more than 7,500 Virgin  Atlantic personnel, comprising cabin crew, clubhouse staff and Virgin Holidays personnel slated to appear in new redesigned uniforms.

The new garb, however, would officially come into effect only in 2014. The ingredients used are recycled materials, which include recycled-polyester yarn. Thrown away plastic bottles have been recycled to make this yarn.

vivienne westwood richard brandson Vivienne Westwood Paints Virgin Atlantic Staff Uniforms Green

With closed-loop recycling, all items including the worn uniform have been again recycled to fibers for making the new product.

Moreover, Vivienne Westwood has tapped the immense potentiality of recycled canvas, reused banners, leather pieces and recycled brass to convert them into well designed bags for the ground staff. Thrown away metals like padlocks and car parts have been picked and melted down for the production of bags.

The carryalls will be produced for Virgin Atlantic in the Kiberia slum ofNairobi,Kenya, as a part of a collaboration with the Ethical Africa Program  and in partnership with International Trade Centre.

This eco-fabric design has overall developed a good response among the users. For some, this looks a traditional British design while for others it symbolizes their personality.