Renault Closer Building High Performance Electric Hybrid Vehicle

May 14, 2013 / No Comments

Renault is reportedly considering the manufacture of a high-performance green vehicle. The Renault Group which develops, designs, manufactures and sells environment-friendly vehicles under three brands has been a die-hard supporter of electric vehicles. The new high performance green car is likely to take several years, though.

renault Renault Closer Building High Performance Electric Hybrid Vehicle

As stated by Francis Champod, Renault Sport motorsport technical manager, the company will not be considering a 100% electric vehicle as they think electrification technology has not matured enough.

But then, he has hinted that a hybrid variant could be feasible. Such a vehicle is now in the radar and would hit concept stage without delay.

According to him, the company is having a close look at the Formula E championship to determine if it needs to be a high-level competition vehicle or not. If the company toes this line, we need to get ready for a race car by Renault Sport.

Champod has also been quoted as saying that the market is not ready to absorb electric vehicles for time being. But when would the high performance green vehicle arrive is for him to reveal in the near future. We need to wait, we guess.