Toyota Auris Hybrid New Variant Boasts Less CO2 Emissions

May 17, 2013 / No Comments

It has been only a few months since the Toyota Auris Hybrid hit the European roads. But the car maker is showing off some enthusiastic figures on its first quarter sales board for 2013. Sales were 27 percent up in the Americas and 31 percent in the UK region.

Toyota Auris Hybrid Toyota Auris Hybrid New Variant Boasts Less CO2 Emissions

In a short span of time, Toyota has done some face-lift on the Auris Hybrid models for raising the green spirits. The Geneva Motor Show held in March this year showcased Auris Hybrid Touring Sports in production trim with enhancements on the CO2 emission control. Compared with 89g/km of CO2 dropping of the current Auris Hybrid models, the Touring Sports perked up with reduced emission figure of 85 g/km.

Now that they have previewed the modifications on the Touring Sports model they have announced that their new version of Auris Hybrid hatchback will roll out next month in the markets. The company has assured customers that the model will be even more eco-friendlier with just 84 grams of CO2 emission per kilometer.

Toyota accomplished this with refinements done on the vehicle tuning and alterations on various aerodynamic factors. It glued the rear glazing with new aero stabilizing fins for achieving higher energy efficiency. So by June this year, the 87 g/km emitters will get a better green replacement with the Auris Hybrid’s 84g/km version.