Nissan Leaf Sales Touch 25,000 in the US

May 20, 2013 / No Comments

Nissan can be excused for sitting on the glory of their name and relaxing a bit. The Leaf needs to be thanked for that. The automaker has sold 25,000 units of its electric vehicle Nissan Leaf in the US already.

An increase in demand in markets like Atlanta, Dallas and Chicago on the West Coast helped to cross 25,000 number in sales.

nissan leaf Nissan Leaf Sales Touch 25,000 in the US

Globally, Nissan has sold 62,000 Leafs. The company has also started producing US Leafs at its Tennessee plant, including its electric motor and battery.

With production scaling up, Nissan has slashed the price of the 2013 Leaf by $6,400 to a base price of $28,000. This move might have been done foreseeing the $7,500 Federal tax credit implementation, says a report. Nissan went on to almost double its sale of Leaf models through April to 5,476.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified its new fuel economy rating for the Leaf at 115 miles per gallon equivalent, up from 99 MPGe. Importance of infrastructure in electric vehicles was studied and changes made accordingly. This adds to one of the reasons for Nissan to cross 25,000 sales threshold, ensuring that it is the world’s best selling electric vehicle.

Post sales, Nissan has been ensuring constant interaction with Leaf owners to know their feedback and their experience with the Leaf.