Old Bikes Recycled to Make Innovative Furniture Designs

May 21, 2013 / No Comments

The world has understood the importance of recycling to a large extent. Gilbert Vanden Heuvel, a designer magician from Canada, with his skills is now going a step further by converting old bike parts to eye-catching, environmentally-friendly interior furnishings.

Gilbert Vanden Heuvel Old Bikes Recycled to Make Innovative Furniture Designs

At the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York last weekend, he showed off an exclusive range of furniture designs and other decorative stuff including the modern Tub Chair made under the banner of The ReCYCLER.

This idea emerged in his thoughts when he found that his love affair with recycling combined the metal working skills he developed while running a pig farm could make an amazing combination that would be beneficial to humans.

The first thing he shaped was a pedestal table with old bikes in his garage. He gradually began to experiment with other designs.

Smelling great potential in this recycling process, he sold his pig farm and is now 100 % devoted to merging glass, old vehicle parts and other metals to create urban furniture with a ‘green’ effect.

Vanduen Heuvel’s line of work includes chairs, desks, clocks, mirrors and he often does custom work as well. Each unique piece spares a pile of materials from polluting the dump.

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