Zero Electric Motorcycle Fleet for Hong Kong Police Department

May 24, 2013 / No Comments

Bike maker Zero has made its largest fleet sale of electric motorcycles for the roads of Hong Kong. Zero Motorcycles, in association with Yuen Ho Trading Co, is also distributing the bikes in eastern Asia. It sold 59 Zero S e-motorcycles to Hong Kong, and a majority of them will be used by the police department.

Zero Motorcycle Hong Kong Police  Zero Electric Motorcycle Fleet for Hong Kong Police Department

The launch event  took place on May 16, at the Hong Kong Science Park at the Atrium Link.

Other government wings like Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department will also be using this eco friendly ride.

The 2012 year model runs 89 mile on single charge and peaks to a speed of 88 miles per hour. The two-wheelers come housing a series of components that help traffic enforcement. They are also retrofitted for law-enforcement purposes.

Details of an upgraded 2013 model are also being awaited. The new breed is expected to be about 10 percent faster and might have a 10-percent longer single-charge range.

Zero Motorcycles aims at transforming the motorcycling experience by manufacturing innovative electric motorcycles that offer exceptional value and performance.