Old Fishing Baskets turn Beautiful Pendant Lamps

May 28, 2013 / No Comments

This year at the ICFF, Tucker Robbins showcased one of the eye catching designs he created. Beautiful pendant lamps crafted from repurposed fishing baskets offered an amazing show. Significant was the fact that these lamps were made from thrown away materials.

Tucker Robbins Fishing Basket Lamps Old Fishing Baskets turn Beautiful Pendant Lamps

Tucker Robbins uses disused fishing baskets made by local, craftspeople in Sulawesi, Indonesia. These baskets are then given a new birth with woven lamps. The brightness of the lamp can be adjusted by using rice paper.

His dedication to this type of work needs to be appreciated. Tucker makes two or three trips a year to collect the materials required for his work from the Philippines, Borneo, Africa and Guatemala. He never buys new wood.

Robbins reportedly derives his required assets from old barns, dead tree roots and vintage baskets. Then he moulds them into furniture and lamps that replicate their past.

His self-manufactured Teardrop Chandeliers pay homage to the fishing baskets of Toraja women in Sulawesi, Indonesia. These are made of rattan woven from old vines.

When turned on, the lamps hang together, is an awesome sight. They create organic chandeliers that cast warm light and patterns.

Laudable is the fact that the artist ensures waste minimization and pays homage to the earth via recycling dump worthy stuff. Great going, indeed!