Viola Davis Stands Up Against Cruelty to Circus Elephants

May 28, 2013 / No Comments

The plight of circus elephants is now troubling none other than award winning actress Viola Davis. Standing up to save the animals from being harmed, the actress is now going all out to do all she can do so as the beasts are not victims of cruelty.

Viola Davis Viola Davis Stands Up Against Cruelty to Circus Elephants

Circus elephants are a victim of cruel use of bullhooks as well as extended periods of chaining. Viola has shot off a letter to the senator from her home state of Rhode Island to back a bill that would give greater security to circus elephants.

The letter in fact exposes the cruelty inflicted on the elephants in circus tents. An undercover investigation has already revealed that elephants were struck constantly with bullhooks behind the stage before the actual performance starts. This is done in order to intimidate them and remind them what they must do if they are not to be hurt.

Recent affidavits have also pointed to barbaric bullhook beating by Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus staff, and also beating on chained elephant’s legs. Moreover striking with bullhook on the face and trunk has also been noticed.

Viola rightly points out in her letter that chaining elephants on hard surfaces for extended periods results in painful arthritis and foot problems. Findings have pointed out that the elephants are chained for 26 hours on an average and up to 100 hours straight during their transportation from one city to other.

The move by Viola Davis could be seen as a good start. We just hope Viola’s efforts see some good results. You can read her letter here.