Biodiversity Treehouse Coming Up as Part of Eden Project

May 30, 2013 / No Comments

Welcome to Eden! The Eden project at the tropical biome in Cornwall has a new eco-addition. Famed tree house consultant Blue Forest has joined hands with Jerry Tate Architects to build a Biodiversity Nest as a part of the new Rainforest Canopy Walkway here. This Biodiversity Nest could provide an elevated walkway and platform to help research done by visitors.

Biodiversity Treehouse Eden Project Biodiversity Treehouse Coming Up as Part of Eden Project

The Rainforest Canopy is a timber and steel-framed decked walkway and from it two 52-foot bridges are to be connected to the Biodiversity Nest.

A timber enclosure surrounds the Nest to provide more comfort and is more likely to be an educational area focusing on biodiversity in natural rainforest.

Jerry Tate says there were many challenges, but the main one regarding designing was to provide a convenient educational space for visitors of rainforest environment.

With the limited option of materials available to cope up with the challenging environment, Jerry has done a wonderful job. For the timber enclosure and deck, along with galvanized steel structure, design team befitted heat treated softwoods as a substitute for robust sustainable tropical hardwoods.

The initial phase of Rainforest Canopy walkway is expected to be completed and made available to public in June 2013. The remaining part of the Walkway would be an elaborate phase which may extend up to three years with plans to include weather station, research station, a waterfall cave, as per availability of funds.

The Eden Project is currently working to raise money to build the Biodiversity Nest portion of the project.