Tale of Unique Animal Love Unfolds in Wynnewood

May 30, 2013 / No Comments

In this world where humans find it difficult to adjust with each other, here is news of a crippled lion and dachshund hitting it off. The lion has found friends in 3 more dogs too and is now living under one roof. The king of jungle is a gentle giant to its puppy companions.

Milo and Bonedigger Tale of Unique Animal Love Unfolds in Wynnewood

The 500-pound lion, Bonedigger and 11-pound dog, Milo have a unique chemistry going between them proving that cats and dogs can really get along well. They, along with three other dogs, live together at Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Okla.

They have been living together since 2008, almost five years now. The puppies first met Bonedigger when he was just a 4 week old cub. Park President Joe Schreibvogel says that the dogs thought that Bonedigger was just another big puppy and started loving him. The lion too returned the same.

A metabolic disease rendered the lion with a mild disability. Joe thinks this condition has something to do with the love the animals formed.

In his opinion, Milo and his littermates sense that Bonedigger is crippled and needs support. They also know that the lion is different from the rest. However, the animals cuddle, feast upon raw meat together and even mimic each other.

Milo is Bonedigger’s closest companion, who not only imitates his growls but also serves as personal dentist for the big cat. The 5-year old Milo licks the Bonedigger’s teeth clean after every meal and in return the lion expresses his thanks by licking the dog with his huge tongue.