China Set to Impose Pollution Tax in Beijing

June 3, 2013 / No Comments

China’s Beijing is polluted more than you think. And, before things run beyond repair, the Chinese government is planning to intervene. The administration is set to impose an automobile-pollution refueling tax soon. If that happens, Beijing will acquire fame of being China’s first city to implement such a pollution tax. When the tax comes in to play, the gas tax will total 10 yuan ($1.62) per liter.

Pollution Tax in Beijing China Set to Impose Pollution Tax in Beijing

Current taxes in the country are very liberal, and come to just one yuan per liter plus 0.1 percent for construction and educational funding.

The World Health Organization has pointed fingers at China’s pollution levels where fine airborne particulates pose health risks. Beijing breached pollution levels and even pierced 10 to 15 times the prescribed level.

The government has now realized that it cannot run away from this health affecting phenomenon. As an initial step, Beijing will try to push out as many as 180,000 older vehicles from the roads.

Reports also suggest that Chinese government will launch country’s first-ever fleetwide fuel-economy standard of about 34 miles per gallon by 2015.