Mosquito Genie is a Mosquito Killer and Solar Lamp Rolled into One

June 11, 2013 / No Comments

With the mosquito population threatening to grow in numbers ahead of summer, Florida has a battle in hand. It is almost sure that most people would encounter the whining, disease-ridden monsters at some point. The question as to how to eradicate mosquito borne diseases is the most debated topic at least among the common people and health workers.

mosquito illustration Mosquito Genie is a Mosquito Killer and Solar Lamp Rolled into One

An answer seems to have come up, of late. Here is a new lamp, which is a chemical-free mosquito-killing machine which also functions as a solar-powered outdoor accent lamp.

Named Mosquito Genie, this little beauty is the world’s first table-lamp that replaces candle lamps and kills mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Genie is trap that would require no cleaning up of insect corpses. It works thus: When a mosquito flies near the lamp and comes in contact with the lethal vapor emitted from the Mosquito Mix filled jar placed inside the lamp, it flies away and dies somewhere else.

The LED lamp charges itself with solar energy and automatically switches on at dusk. It also automatically switches off at dawn and returns to solar charging mode after engaging in a series of mosquito killing.

Mosquito Genie is currently available on the Mosquito Genie website for a price of $39.95 apiece. The refill jars can be bought for $9.95. The company is also offering the device for a discount when ordered in bulk. Don’t you want one of these?