US Elementary and High Schools Leaning Towards Solar Power

June 19, 2013 / No Comments

The world has come to a point where it is important to learn about solar power and also to implementing the technology in our day to day lives. It is being reported that kids in the US, who go to solar powered schools, are blessed with not just learning about solar power but also learning to live with solar technology.

solar US Elementary and High Schools Leaning Towards Solar Power

According to a report, they have begun enjoying clean energy daily rather than some rusty ‘alternative’ forms of energy. In effect, they turn out to be solar-powered kids!

Cleveland and Rio Rancho High Schools are going solar in New Mexico and there is a small list of schools which are already making full use of sun’s power.

Across the country, there were a variety of solar setups at elementary and high schools. In California, school projects done by a single solar installer can be pointed out. Schools can buy clean energy without building a solar system in their backyard, and still enjoy the same environmental pleasures.

Schools in the US powered by solar energy include, Liberty Middle School in California, which makes use of a 550kW system; Akers Elementary School in California, whose solar system not only provides clean electricity but also provides shade for the parked vehicles; Boron District Office & Elementary School in California; Boron High School Solar farm, California; Central Elementary School & District Office, California; Engyall Elementary School, California; and the Stratford Elementary High School & District Office in California.

There could be more in the days to come. Join us as we applaud the measure.