Phone Batteries Can Live Longer with Solar-Powered Screen Panels

June 20, 2013 / No Comments

SunPartner Group, a French start up, is said to be testing a transparent panel that might find its place inside consumer phones by next year. The significance of the panel is that it would use solar energy to increase cell phone battery life by almost 20 percent!

solar1 Phone Batteries Can Live Longer with Solar Powered Screen Panels

These Wysips panels are less than 0.5mm thick and  unobtrusive, so that they can be built into a phone or placed on top of an existing screen. In case you didn’t know, Wysips costs only a few dollars to make and are  a cheaper option compared to Mophie’s Juice Pack Air case. The Juice Pack Air has already proved its worth by doubling iPhone battery life.

In the case of the new innovation, power is collected with the strips of solar cells  that are masked with a layer of lenses. These cells have been tailor made to absorb solar energy to the maximum.

No external accessory or charger would be required for the recharging process. The phone could use idle time to recharge with natural or artificial light. Further, it can also recover from a dead battery.

Wysips in fact provide easy charge to battery and boost activities such as extended listening to songs. The best aspect abou the panels would be that they could help your phone to stay alive even in a disaster situation or an area with least power supply.

Folks at SunPartner are also considering a slightly expensive transparent solar cell, which can absorb infrared but scatters visible light to preserve screen’s visibility. The company is targeting to double screens’ energy output by 2014.