Scientists Create Eco-friendly Battery from Wood

June 21, 2013 / No Comments

As you all know, various rechargeable batteries use lithium. But now scientists from the University of Maryland have designed a ‘green’ battery using a sliver of wood covered with tin. The various parts in the battery are a thousand times slimmer than a paper piece.

green battery Scientists Create Eco friendly Battery from Wood

To make this ‘green’ battery, the scientists have ditched lithium and have brought in sodium, which best suits in storing ample energy at once. However, sodium is said to have no properties that store energy as efficiently as lithium batteries.

The master minds from the University of Maryland found a flexible material for their ‘green’ project – Wood. The wood fibers, which are apt for storing liquid electrolytes, allow the sodium-ion battery to keep going for more than 400 charging cycles.

The fibers, not only acts as a base, but are essential parts of the battery too. Moreover, the wood fibers also act as a mechanical buffer. When tin brittles while passing sodium ions through tin anodes and disconnect from the base, wood fibers come to the rescue.

The innovation could become one of the long lasting nanobattery experiments ever. It is being said that the wood fibers, which are soft and mesoporous, can be set up as a new platform for a budget sodium ion battery.