PETA Urges Movie Goers to Shun The Lone Ranger for Abusing Horses

July 1, 2013 / 4 Comments

Animal rights body PETA has urged cinema goers to stay away from watching the movie ‘The Lone Ranger’ when it releases in theaters. Know why? PETA wants all of us to shun the flick starring Johnny Depp because the horses used in the film were under severe danger, almost close to death, during filming.

loneranger PETA Urges Movie Goers to Shun The Lone Ranger for Abusing Horses

PETA has stated several instances which could have nearly killed the animal. A horse almost drowned itself after being forcefully made to swim across the rain-swollen Colorado River and being swept downstream. The horse was saved only as it was spotted by production crew who managed to throw a lasso around the animal’s head and pull the horse ashore.

Besides, Depp fell off his horse and was trampled. The animal rights organization noted that horses are often injured or killed during filming of movies and TV shows. It may be noted that the HBO series Luck was cancelled after one season when three horses were killed.

It has also been reported that a horse trainer was reportedly abused for refusing to shoot potentially dangerous scenes with horses.

According to PETA, horses are domesticated animals which can be easily trained. But most people are unaware of their behavior and needs, and pressure them to jobs which are stressful, uncomfortable and dangerous.

In the wild, they are prey animals. When they are frightened they flee, which can seriously hurt them. Some horse trainers are cruel and abusive, while the experienced trainers, knowing the horses’ limitation, are also forced to make the horse work.

PETA has called upon the film industry to make use of computer-generated horses, instead of real ones.