NuOffice in Munich is the Greenest Office Building

July 3, 2013 / No Comments

Munich in Germany now boasts the greenest office building in the world. The NuOffice has achieved the LEED platinum status and has done brilliant in all sustainability ratings. Designed by European research project DIRECTION and scientists from Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, the uber-green building will serve as a benchmark for upcoming constructions around the globe.

green Office NuOffice in Munich is the Greenest Office Building

For the building’s energy efficiency, the designers maximized the building’s passive energy use, brought down its energy consumption level and used renewable energy sources in various aspects.

NuOffice’s roof looks lush with insulating greenery adoring it and has a powerful photovoltaic array that helps to add to its power needs.

The designers have constructed a complex district heating system in the basement of the building, which connects to the radiant heating and cooling systems. These systems help in cooling of well water during the summer. This assures low energy consumption and interior comfort.

The inner courtyard creates natural breezes and permits daylight on both the inside and outside perimeters. The building keeps external heat at bay with the help of thickly insulated exterior walls and triple-glazed windows.

The architects hope that the building will consume a mere 30kW hours per square meter per year energy, compared to the average of 100 to 150 kW hours in a non-green office.  What do you think about this?