Wait Until 2050 for E-Thrust Electric Airliner to Take Flight

July 5, 2013 / No Comments

The E-Thrust airliner, from the European aerospace consortium EADS and developed in partnership with Rolls-Royce, has been shown off and going by the looks of it, it could radically transform commercial aviation by 2050. Chances are that it would increase the efficiency of future airlines.

E Thrust Wait Until 2050 for E Thrust Electric Airliner to Take Flight

The newly developed E-Thrust concept is a hybrid electric propulsion system which reduces fuel consumption, emission and noises. All this would be mainly due to the design called the eConcept.

This E-Thrust is a part of the ‘Flightpath 2050’ plan organized by the European Commission. The continent targets reduction of 75 percent of aircraft C02 along with reducing emission of Nitrogen Oxides by 90 percent and noise levels by 65 percent, compared to standards in the year 2000. E-Thrust is a mission for this purpose.

E-Thrust features numerous electric fans arranged in clusters along the length of each wing. A battery is used to run the fans, which is charged by an onboard “advanced gas power unit.”

The gas plant powers the fans directly. But if the gas system halts, emergency landing could help the battery recharge.

The sleek airframe design reduces the weight and drag by reducing the size of vertical tail and improving weight distribution. We might even see the all-electric airliner wrapped in solar panels in a few years. Let’s wait for it to come.