Smog-Hungry Pavements in the Anvil

July 18, 2013 / No Comments

Venturing out into the smog could make life hell for you. Most of the time, you decide not to go out when smog fills your street. In The Netherlands, smog free streets could well be a reality in a few years to come. Hengelo, a city in The Netherlands, has plans to lay sidewalks that would sport smog-killing properties.

smoge Smog Hungry Pavements in the Anvil

The move comes following research by scientists at the Eindhoven University of Technology testing a new material that has smog eating capabilities. They, in fact, paved a block of air-purifying concrete onto the street walk. The results have been amazing.

Named photocatlytic, the smog hungry concrete has been developed from plain regular concrete and sprayed with titanium oxide. The titanium oxide proves to be helpful in neutralizing pollutants in the air and thus keep the air clean. Test results showed pollution levels falling at an average of about 19 percent per day.

Seen as a viable solution for smog-hit city roads, the new innovation could help in wiping away pollution in potentially risky areas.

We would most likely see the technology  hitting major cities depending on the cost it would come with. Stay tuned.