Mission R and RS All-Electric Super Bikes Set for Roll Out

July 26, 2013 / No Comments

Mission Motorcycles has announced that it will be rolling out its new all-electric superbikes, named Mission R and Mission RS, soon. Though the EV superbikes are reserve available at select dealerships at the moment, the mega release hasn’t happened as yet.

bike Mission R and RS All Electric Super Bikes Set for Roll Out

Each bike can generate quick speeds from zero to sixty in just 3 seconds with zero emissions. The EVs aim at becoming the highest performing street-legal manufacturing electric motorcycles in the world.

These motorcycles would suit thrill lovers too. Both the R and RS can generate speeds of 130 mph and 150 mph respectively. The R model is more of a sport bike and it boasts a 120kW electric motor combined with an InfiniteDrive powertrain.

The bike’s streamlined electric motor produces 163.2HP. The vehicle is also devoid of numerous spinning engine parts. This results in smooth riding and navigation.

The weight of the engine is much less, and the light weight translates to incredible performance too. A quarter-mile distance can be covered in 10.492 seconds, and it has a range of 105-140 miles, which depends on the options selected.

The RS model, on the other hand, features the same InfiniteDrive powertrain used in its companion model. But it is designed specifically for racing at top speeds. This is a limited edition model and only forty bikes will be manufactured

Both R and RS models will soon be available, thus taking the concept of electric racing vehicles to a higher level.