65-Year-Old Attempts 1,200 Miles in Solar-Powered ELF Vehicle

August 2, 2013 / No Comments

Organic Transit’s ELF, considered a futuristic bike/car hybrid, has now been developed into an amazing personal transit vehicle. Seizing the opportunity, Mike Stewart, a veteran of 65-years old from Cambridge, is attempting to ride 1,200 miles from Durham, North Carolina to his home in Massachusetts in this vehicle.

Organic Transit 65 Year Old Attempts 1,200 Miles in Solar Powered ELF Vehicle

Stewart is a family therapist and school psychologist. North Carolina is the place where the half bicycle/ half car is manufactured. The vehicle is equipped with a small electric motor, solar panels and a protective shell. The ELF can travel 1,800 miles on a single gallon of fuel.

Stewart is now in the spotlight for deciding to forego the $1,000 delivery fee by transporting his brand new $5,000 ELF from Durham to Cambridge along the East Coast Green way trail for pedestrians and hikers. He will be the 40th person to drive off in an ELF.

This would be Organic Transit’s 75th vehicle. Reports suggest that they have received orders for 200 additional ELFS.

Manufactured using used parts from boats, aircraft and bicycles, the solar powered vehicle will be driven by Stewart up to an average of 60 miles a day on his sporty green vehicle and is expected to reach home this month.